• It's Go Time

    The Big Noisy is a rock n roll band of puppets who make music suitable for kids and parents alike!

    It's been a couple years in the making but the gang is finally ready to take flight.  

    Go check out and see what it's all about!

  • Orchestral Maneuvers In Hollywood

    The Tierney/Parker collaborations continue as the duo have recently completed work on the orchestral theme song for an upcoming Netflix series.  We are not at liberty to say any more about it yet but soon we will soon spill the beans.

  • It's Not All About Work

    For the past two years, Luke and the homies* have put together a cover band called Los Sabados Tardes to play the Boozacarooza afterparty.  This year, the Tardes were able to squeeze in an extra show here in Hollywood.  Here's a clip from that night.

    *Jeff Gross, Dan Grody, Chris Shiflett, and Marko Desantis

  • Music plus Beer equals The Flails

    The Flails are putting the finishing touches on their 3rd album 'Hut Hut Hut'.  Rumor has it, this will be their heaviest record ever.

    With a GIANT cast of characters, old and new, this latest release will feature hits like "Banana Hammock" and "Christian College Quarterback".

    Be on the lookout for it's release and coinciding release party sometime this Spring!

    Flail on.